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The Ultimate Medley
$60.99 - Four Boxes of Fruit in One Pack!
Magnificent Seven
$32.99 - High Value Gift with Lots of Cool Stuff!
2 Peck Tea Time Basket
$69.99 - Traditional "Tea Time" Florida Style
Florida Rainbow
$54.99 - All Season. Oranges, Tangelos, Tangerines, and Ruby Red Grapefruit
Sunshine Deluxe with ORANGES & RUBY REDS
From $47.99 - The Classic Florida Citrus Deluxe
Sunshine Deluxe ORANGES ONLY
From $47.99 - All Season. The Classic Florida Citrus Deluxe with All Oranges.
From 57.99 - All Season. The Authentic Florida Basket of Fruit!
From $41.99. The Authentic Peck Basket of Citrus.
Bonus Box Express
From $45.99- Nov-April. Oranges, and Ruby Red Grapefruit, with Goodies
Last Minute  Priority Mail
From $39.99 - Nov-April. Oranges, and Ruby Red Grapefruit, with Goodies
Bonus Box
From $45.99 - Nov-March. Oranges, Tangelos, and Ruby Red Grapefruit.
Bonus Box Deluxe
From $55.99 - Nov-March. Oranges, Orlando Tangelos, and Ruby Red Grapefruit and Gourmet Tropical Treats!
1/2 Peck Tea Time Basket with Tangerines
$45.99 - Traditional "Tea Time" Florida Style
Half Peck Thank You Basket
$36.99 - All Season. The perfect "Little Something" for any occasion.
Tropical Popcorn Six Flavor Tin
NEW! Six Tropical Flavors make this Giant Tin of Popcorn a Memorable Experience! $44.99
Tail Gator Confection Basket
$30.99 - Gourmet and Rare Florida Confections.
Harvest Jubilee
$54.99 - A Jubilee of Fruit in a distinctive pack.
Orchard Sampler
$33.99 - December. Petite Gift of Premium Fruit. Apples, Pears and Oranges.
Florida Keepsake Mini-Deluxe
$25.99 - A Budget-Priced Gift for Any Occasion
Tropical Hugs Basket
$59.99 - All Season. Send hugs to everybody!
The Triple Treat Sampler
From $48.99 for Three Boxes - Oranges, Tangerines and Grapefruit
Hunny Bunny Basket
From $42.99 - Basket of Sweeet Honey Tangerines
Kisses From The Tropics Basket
$78.99 - All Season. Send long-distance smooches!
Key Lime Bundt Cake
$29.99 - A Hot Seller at a Great Price