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Gift 9KNR

Give a Taster!

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Variety Taster -9KNR Mandarins-Navels & Ruby Reds
Navel Taster - 9N All Navels
Grapefruit Taster- 9R All Ruby Reds
Scarlet Taster - 9S Scarlet Navels
Orchard Taster- 65 Navels, Apples and D' Anjou Pears
The Taster Tower - 301 Tray Navels- Tray Ruby Red & Tray of Mandarins
Honeybell Taster - 9H Honeybells January Only
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We Start Shipping Mid -November - April Scarlet Taster starts shipping in Mid December

They're one of our most popular gifts with a sampling of delicious fruit varieties.   Perfect for individuals or a small family. Great value for the price!

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