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Honeybell Tangelos
Image is 1 tray Honeybells, also comes in 2, 3 and 4 tray boxes

Honeybell Tangelos

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Honeybell Tangelos
4 Trays Honeybells - $ 75.99 - 4H
3 Tray Honeybells $65.99- 3H
2 Tray Honeybell - $55.99 - 2H
1 Tray Honeybells - $42.99 - 1H
Honeybell Taster - $34.99 - 9H
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Available January ONLY

When you want to send a gift that’s not only exquisite but unique, Honeybells are the answer. A luscious blend of the Dancy Tangerine and sweet Duncan Grapefruit, this special citrus is only available for a short time in January, making it a rare treat not found in stores. Gourmet Honeybells are grown in the most fertile groves, ensuring distinctive taste and abundant juice. They’re picked at their peak and shipped directly without spending time in a warehouse. Guaranteed fresh!