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Honeybells and Ruby Reds

Honeybells and Ruby Reds

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Honeybells and Ruby Reds
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The juiciest fruit you’ll ever eat. Sweet and delicious! Honeybells are incredibly delicious hybrids of an orange, grapefruit, and tangerine. They’re easy to peel, or can be sliced, and are usually seedless. The flavor is sweet and really unique, and they’re so juicy that our Dad used to say that the best place to eat a Honeybell was in the bathtub!

Paired with delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit, this combo is the premium choice of the entire year. Fruit lovers everywhere will love this gift.

*** Note -- We harvest Honeybells when they are at peak sweetness. Often, they're not quite ready in early January, so if you order, please be patient. We will harvest your Honeybells as soon as they are ready to go, typically around mid-month.