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In 2 Peck Grove Basket Size
2 Peck All Navels Deluxe Gift 22DO

In 2 Peck Grove Basket Size

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2-Peck Grove Basket
2 Peck Basket Navels & RRG - $ 66.99 - 22M
2 Peck Basket all navels - $ 66.99 - 22O
2 Peck Basket navels and RRG deluxe - $ 74.99 - 22DM
2 Peck Basket all navels deluxe - $ 74.99 - Gift 22DO
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The charm of tradition! Early citrus growers packed wooden grove baskets for shipment on steamships to northern markets. Grove baskets were also the very first fruit gifts sent to lucky recipients up north. Our authentic baskets are filled to the brim with your choice of fruit varieties and the option to make them deluxe with two jars of tropical marmalade, Orange Blossom Honey and rich, chocolate-dipped coconut patties. Available in Two-Peck (1/2 bushel) or Peck (1/4 bushel) sizes.

Note: Due to USDA Restrictions, we are not allowed to ship Deluxe Baskets to CA, TX, AZ, or LA. Please choose all fruit basket instead.