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Navel Oranges
Image of a 1N the 1 stand for 1 tray and the N stands for type of Orange.

Navel Oranges

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Navel Oranges
4 Tray Navel box - $89.99 - 4N
3 Tray Navel box - $74.99 - 3N
2 Tray Navel box - $ 59.99 - 2N
1 Tray Navel box - $45.99 - 1N
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Navel Oranges are sweet and nearly seedless, A wholesome holiday gift that will please everyone.  They're the perfect treat to start the day, perk up an afternoon snack or to garnish a gourmet meal. So remember someone special with a wonderful gift of Navel Oranges! The image above is of  1 Tray 1N if you order a 2N there will be 2 trays and 3N three trays and a 4N there will be 4 trays.

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