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Orchard Packs
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Orchard Packs

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Valencia Oranges
Orchard Galore Medley - $ 59.99 - 1044
Orchard Medley - $52.99 - 1023
Orchard Taster - $ 36.99 - 65
Orchard Sampler - $44.99 - SQ5
Orchard Variety Pack - $49.99 - SPV
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Available LATE-November through mid-January

Orchard Variety Pack ( SPV ) ---A cherry, colorful way to treat the whole family.  Grove-fresh Navel Oranges, sweet, seedless, Ruby Red Grapefruit, bright, crisp Red Delicious Apples and melt-in your mouth D'Anjou Pears all arranged in a beautiful gift box. 

Orchard Sampler ( SQ5 ) ---Five varieties of beautiful, fresh fruit including two Ruby Red Grapefruit, two Mandarins, four Navel Oranges, four Red Delicious Apples and three orchard-ripe D'Anjou Pears.  An attractive holiday surprise for friends and family.  They'll love it!!

Orchard Taster ( 65 )---  Three Red Delicious Apples, Navel Oranges, and juicy, orchard-rid D'Anjou Pears.  The right size to say Thanks or Holiday Cheer!

Orchard Medley ( 1025 ) --- Our Orchard Medley is stacked with three boxes, a total of Navel Oranges, nine crisp Red Delicious Apples and nine creamy D'Anjou Pears.  Perfect for any occasion, for family or friends at work!

Orchard Galore Medley (  1044 ) ---- Four boxes of beautiful, fresh, juicy Navel Oranges, Red Delicious Apples, orchard- ripe D'Anjou Pears and easy-to-peel  Mandarins.  A gift  that will please!!