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Page Oranges and Navels

Page Oranges and Navels

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Page Oranges
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November - January

Pages are "petite" oranges
-- smaller than the regular varieties, mixed with wonderful Navel Oranges  and most citrus people agree that they have the finest flavor of any citrus. Page is a USDA cross made in 1942 between Honeybell and Clementine, so you would naturally expect them to be exceptional -- and the flavor lives up to that expectation.
They're small in size, fairly easy to peel, and have a very rich, sweet flavor. Anyone who has ever tried a Page never forgets the experience. They're very rare, so we're fortunate to be able to offer them to you and your friends and family. This is a very unique opportunity, and we encourage you to give them a try.

Note: Due to the small size of the fruit, Page packages weigh less than the same box of Navels, Grapefruit, or other larger fruit.