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Valencia & Ruby Reds

Valencia & Ruby Reds

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Valencia & Ruby Reds
4 Trays Valencias & Ruby Reds- $84.99
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2 Value Trays Valencias & Ruby Reds- $51.99
1 Tray Valencias & Ruby Reds- $43.99
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Available March-April

Valencia & Sweet Ruby Reds- the quintessential "Orange"

There are more Valencias planted throughout the world than any other variety of citrus. Valencias are seedless, have the highest quality juice of any orange, and are great peeled or sliced, too. Everyone likes Valencias -- from Brazil to China -- and their home is FLORIDA! We grow the best of them, and they're a wonderful springtime gift for anyone on all occasions (including just saying "I love you")!

Note: Due to USDA restrictions, Florida Gift Fruit Shippers are not able to send fruit packages to CA, TX, AZ, and LA after early March of each year.